Templates for Customization

Here are some simple templates I've put together. These can be easily customized with an image or two thrown in. You may want to think of them as starting points, if they strike your fancy. I've listed the easily customizable parts of each design under the text. On any of them, other objects can be added to the animation as well. For any designer that uses Fireworks, here's the archive of the templates I used. Feel free to use them yourself.

Squished Text
Words, color, font, background (image or color), speed

Orbiting Text
Image, font color, words, background

Scrolling Text/translucent box
box color, box border, text color, font, words, background

Draino Text
Text color, font, words, background

Twinkle Twinkle
Color of stars, background

Sparkle Couple
Colors of swirls, color and font of text, words

Color of stars, any background

Background, speed, color of snowflakes

Colors of anything, font, words

Color of bubbles, background

Image to spin, add anything in foreground

Color of hearts, or replace them with another symbol/image, background

Any font, colors, background, but only up to 8 characters can be used without starting from scratch.

Falling Leaves
Background, speed