I'm done making userpics for LJ, but you're welcome to swipe any of the "unclaimed images. Also, check out the Templates page if you're a designer - I've got some Fireworks templates that you may find useful.

A meta-tip for anyone making or requesting animated GIFs - the less change between frames, the more frames you can have. So, marquee-text animations are pretty efficient but movies are pretty wasteful.

Please ask for fonts by name.

These are the typical tiny fonts used in userpics. Redensek is the most common, but there are options. They are used at set multiples of point sizes, because they don't resize well. Most are 8 points, some are 7 and others are 9 or 10 points.

Here are some other popular fonts, for the larger-size words. These fonts can't be much smaller than this (12-16 points) and still look like anything special.


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