Photoshop and PSP brushes

A lot of folks use brushes to spice up their graphics. There are a huge number of people that have made brushes and released them to the net, only to have their sites disappear. Well, I am here to help. Here are some brushes you can download, and none of them are mine. I got them from other sites, and they are the intact archives, with the readme files for attribution. For most of them, though, the sites listed in those readme files are dead. I promise to avoid dying, ok? The rest of the brushes are in the Brushes directory of this site. I'll probably link them eventually. The Relique brushes are highly recommended.

Author Brush Name and download link
David Alan Star Brushes
Jennie Diaz StarStruck
Nocturna Nocturna 1
Nocturna Nocturna 2
Nocturna Nocturna 3

What can brushes do for you?

This is a reasonable query. Why should you care about brushes at all? Here are some examples of simple backdrops I made with some of the brushes I've downloaded from the web.